Is there any benefit or harm in drinking hot water?

Water is very beneficial for health because 80% of our muscles are made up of water so everyone should know how beneficial and how harmful hot water can be for health.

Water is very beneficial for health because our brain is made up of 90% water and 80% of our muscles are also made up of water, hence drinking an adequate amount of water prevents many diseases and along with it our body also remains healthy. In case of any kind of physical problem related to the stomach, doctors also mostly advise to drink an appropriate amount of water.

According to experts, a healthy person should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. Due to this the human digestive system, skin as well as hair remain healthy. Water removes waste materials from the body. We often hear many things about water like it is good to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Include it in your habit because it keeps the stomach clean and drinking water in the morning also does not cause dryness in the skin.

However, it is said that drinking hot water is more healthy than drinking cold water. For this reason, people often drink water. People who are overweight also consume hot water. They feel that drinking more hot water helps in losing weight quickly. People prefer to drink hot water even in case of sore throat, cough, and cold. But according to experts, drinking normal water is more effective than drinking cold or hot water.

People often drink hot water in the morning even if they suffer from constipation. Whereas consuming too much it can prove harmful for health. Therefore, everyone should know how beneficial and how harmful hot water can be for health. Let us know what effect the consumption of hot water has on health.

Benefits of drinking hot water

  • For weight loss

Lukewarm water should be drunk in the morning and evening after meals, this can reduce weight because hot water is more effective than cold or normal water for digesting food. Apart from getting health benefits, the mind also remains calm due to which one does not feel too hungry.

  • Relief from constipation

Consuming lukewarm water cleanses the stomach and there is no problem in bowel movement. In case of indigestion and acidity, you can consume lukewarm water. Due to this, there is no complaint of constipation after eating, which can reduce stomach cramps and pain.

  • Improves digestive system

To increase digestion power, you can consume hot water because lukewarm water helps in hydrating the stomach and intestines. In such a situation, you can improve your digestive system by consuming the right amount of water.

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Disadvantages of drinking hot water

While lukewarm water gives you physical benefits, consuming too hot water can cause many physical problems, such as

  • Complaint of dehydration

According to a study, 55-56% of the body is water. Water is effective for health because it hydrates the body and also works to remove toxins. But consumption of hot water does not hydrate our body, rather it can increase the problem of dehydration, which can lead to the problem of dehydration.

  • Effect on sleep

If you drink hot water before sleeping at night, it can have a great impact on sleep. Sleeping after drinking hot water at night can lead to more urination and can also increase pressure on the blood vessel cells. Due to sleep disturbance, one feels tired which can lead to other types of physical and mental problems.

  • Effect on electrolytes

Excessively hot water can dilute the electrolytes in the blood more than the cells can handle. To maintain the balance between blood and cells, blood water will be drawn into the cells which also causes swelling of the cells and increases pressure on the brain which can cause headaches and other problems.

  • Effect on kidneys

Along with water, kidneys also do the work of removing toxins from the body. But consuming too much hot water can cause dehydration which affects the kidneys and it cannot flush out the toxins from the body and the kidneys start getting damaged and many kidney-related problems can arise in the body.

One should drink plenty of water, but one should avoid drinking water forcefully even without feeling thirsty as it can cause harm instead of benefit. According to health experts, one should drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily during summer. Generally, whenever our body needs water, it signals it through thirst, hence there is no benefit in drinking water without thirst.

Note: Please consult your doctor for more information about the related disease mentioned in the above article.

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