Motorola Changed The World Of Technology With Its Bendy Smartphone

Motorola showed the concept of a completely flexible phone that can easily bend around your wrist, that can and will impact the future at any cost

Nowadays, in this new world of technology, new technologies are being seen, whether it is television, a car, or any mobile phone. Well, half the fun of trade shows comes from the devices and gadgets that can and will impact the future at any cost, like Motorola is currently doing by bringing new features to its smartphones. We have seen this kind of change and new technology before, which was completely different from before, tried and tested by the general audience, thereby entering into a new world.

In October 2023, Motorola showed the concept of a completely flexible phone that can easily bend around your wrist. This foldable phone is not an imagination but real and it is also being shown at the MWC Tech Show in Barcelona. The display technology behind it is really exciting, which is a completely new concept, and this Motorola smartphone also shows us the future of displays.

Last year, Motorola stole MWC with the Moto Razr where a 5-inch display expands to a 6.5-inch screen with the double-tap of a button. We enjoyed the Motorola Razr. The company’s success with Razr last year had given us hope that this is a technology that will soon be used in a new product, which Motorola has lived up to with this concept phone. Let us talk about this phone in detail.

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What is Motorola’s concept phone?

While really we don’t know much about the concept device yet, it is just a concept after all. All we know is that it is a 6.9-inch smartphone with a plastic-poled display. Its back part is made of several different sections so that it can fold easily. It is covered in a bright orange flexible fabric that keeps everything safe together even when folded and remains functional even after folding with ease.

In the demo, Motorola has shown the concept phone being placed on the wrist and folded on the table. This phone also has a magnet inside for grip which can hold the phone in any configuration. Whenever this phone has to be held on the wrist, a band has to be tied on the wrist so that with the help of a magnet this phone easily sticks to the wrist.

Due to the rear sections and bendable Adaptive Display, this concept is a bit thick. It’s a thicker device than a typical flagship, so carrying it in your pocket can be a bit of a hassle considering the flagship phones these days. But there is nothing to worry about, you can easily wrap it around your wrist instead of keeping it in your pocket.

Exciting thing about Motorola’s concept phone

The most exciting thing about this phone is its display technology which implements Motorola’s concept differently. This phone’s adaptive display uses different segments to rotate independently. Its actual device display is flexible as well as the kicker.

If Motorola can make the display technology a bit thinner, it could be used for all-screen smartwatches. Or how about a flexible display that you can roll up like a big piece of paper? Do you remember the old rollable TV concepts? This way we can actually see them coming into our living room. Forget about this folded phone for a second and just focus on the display and this is an exciting thing for our future gadgets.

This isn’t exactly an attractive way to carry your smartphone. It won’t match formal attire like some wearables. This thing sticks out like Google Glass, an instantly obvious eyesore that nearby strangers won’t be able to look away from. Motorola should use this technology to create a smartphone – or even better, a true fitness band – that takes advantage of its foldable status in a more realistic form factor.

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