The American Horror Story star revealed a particularly cherished book she houses in her Los Angeles residence—and the remarkable tale that accompanies it.

"This is a book I once gifted to my ex," she shared with Architectural Digest in a video released on April 16th.

The book in question was Charles Portis' 1966 classic "Norwood." Though Emma didn't reveal the exact value of her copy, a similar edition is listed on one website for $3,360.

Emma Roberts cleverly devised a method for keeping mementos of an ex in her possession.

Emma Roberts, who was previously romantically linked to Alex Pettyfer, Evan Peters and Garrett Hedlund, decided not to reveal who she gave the book she purchased.

Emma Roberts amusingly held onto a book she had gifted to an ex-boyfriend, jesting, "I saw how much it was worth and I kept it."