Over a decade after the lead guitarist's sudden departure from the iconic band in 2013, the long-held backstage secrets have finally come to light.

Richie Sambora reveals the reasons behind his abrupt departure from Bon Jovi after three decades in Episode Three of the Hulu documentary series.

Sambora revealed, "I was on the road a lot, and unfortunately, my ex-wife (Heather Locklear) was dealing with mental health issues at the time. Plus, my daughter was reaching an age where she could comprehend."

Richie Sambora said that "The Hall of Famer added, "She needed me, and I needed her. Truthfully, we just didn't have enough time."

In time, being a member of "one of the greatest bands in the world" posed a challenge for Sambora.

Besides serving as the lead guitarist, Richie Sambora and Bon Jovi formed the songwriting duo behind many of the band's hit songs.

As a result, the rocker's sudden departure sent shockwaves through the band's dynamics and among fans. However, the musician harbors few regrets about his decision.