Murray's acting career flourished in the early 80s, yielding substantial earnings.

Among his most lucrative ventures was his portrayal of Dr. Peter Venkman in the 1984 blockbuster, Ghostbusters.

Reportedly, Murray received $1 million for his part in the movie, a significant sum considering its modest budget of just $1 million.

Various reports differ on his compensation, with some suggesting $6 million and others indicating a higher sum.

Murray, along with co-stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis, managed to secure a percentage of the movie's gross box office revenue, which currently stands at an impressive $296.5 million.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Murray amassed an estimated $125 million from the first two Ghostbusters films, along with a $15 million payment for his role in Ghostbusters Afterlife.