7. Steppenwolf, Only a significant danger can unite the entire Justice League. Steppenwolf proved to be that formidable threat.

6. Brainiac, It's widely acknowledged as a concealed fact that Brainiac was the preferred villain for the proposed to Man of Steel 2.

5. Starro, a highly iconic villain in the DC universe, made his first appearance in a feature film with The Suicide Squad.

4. Trigon, Trigon stands as one of DC's most formidable figures, governing over a dark realm that, effectively, mirrors hell.

3. Doomsday, Doomsday, a formidable villain renowned for his role in Superman's demise, is notably featured in Batman v.

2. Darkseid, Darkseid is frequently regarded as one of the DC Universe's most formidable villains, his malevolent influence often portrayed as the ultimate menace in various forms of media.

1. The Anti-Monitor, The DC universe's mightiest villain made their appearance not in a feature film, but rather in the CW series.