10. CELEBI, Celebi is known to emerge within verdant woodlands, possessing the remarkable ability to traverse through time.

9. HO-OH, Ho-Oh, alongside Lugia, constitutes the Tower Duo Legendaries, both avian in nature.

8. KYOGRE, This Pokémon, belonging to the Water type, possesses the ability to generate immense rain clouds, triggering heavy downpours.

7. GROUDON, Groudon stands as an incredibly formidable Pokémon, unique in its mastery of the battle technique Precipice Blades.

6. RAYQUAZA, This Dragon/Flying type Pokémon makes its home in the skies and possesses the exclusive ability to pacify Kyogre and Groudon during their conflicts.

5. PALKIA, Palkia has the power to manipulate space, enabling it to form new dimensions and traverse between them, granting it the capability to exist and journey across various realms.

4. DIALGA, This Steel/Dragon type Pokémon possesses the ability to manipulate time, freely traversing between the past and future.

3. GIRATINA, Giratina, a Ghost/Dragon type Pokémon, possesses remarkable abilities. It holds dominion over access to the Distortion World, a realm existing in opposition to our own.

2. MEWTWO, Mewtwo ranks among the most formidable Pokémon in existence, wielding not only the abilities inherent to its type but also mastering telekinesis and telepathy.

1. ARCEUS, Arceus stands unequivocally as the most potent Legendary Pokémon, holding the title of creator of the universe as a Mythical Pokémon of the Normal type.