Sydney Sweeney is veering away from her usual roles in romantic comedies and horror films. Instead, she's embarking on a new journey by signing up for a biographical film.

Sydney Sweeney is steering her career in a new direction by taking on the role of former professional boxer Christy Martin in an untitled biographical film. The project is being directed by David Michod.

The biopic will explore Christy Martin's journey from personal struggles to becoming America's leading female boxer in the 1990s.

In an interview, Sydney Sweeney revealed, "I trained in grappling and kickboxing from ages 12 to 19."

Sydney Sweeney expressed her eagerness to return to training and reshape her body for the role.

Describing it as both physically and emotionally challenging, she acknowledged the weight of the role but embraced the opportunity to push herself.

David Michod, also part of the discussion, revealed his penchant for crafting films centered around troubled male characters.

Michod revealed, "When I stumbled upon the story two years ago, I knew it was the one."

Given Sydney Sweeney's reputation for portraying intricate characters, she seems like a suitable fit for the biopic.