Throughout the years, the Met Gala has seen bold and unconventional appearances firsthand.

In line with this tradition, the latest fashion extravaganza featured South African pop star Tyla dominating the red carpet.

Tyla made her grand entrance at the Met Gala, donning a breathtaking floor-length gown crafted by Balmain. The ensemble boasted a unique full-body cast design, capturing attention and setting tongues wagging as she walked the red carpet.

The form-fitting attire presented such a challenge for Tyla that she struggled to ascend the museum's iconic steps unaided.

Carried to a platform, Tyla quickly regained her composure, effortlessly striking poses for the cameras, exuding regal confidence.

The Water singer's attention-grabbing accessory was a handheld hourglass, drawing inspiration from "the sands of time," a detail impossible to overlook.

She even surprised attendees with a significant departure from her usual bouncy curls, opting instead for a sleek, layered bob cut.