"In Vanderpump Rules Season 11, a Surprising Split Emerges Among the 'Spice Girls': Lala and Scheana Side with Second Chances, While Katie and Ariana Stand Firm Against Sandoval."

"A gossip account hinted that VPR icon Stassi Schroeder might have picked a side in the post-Sandoval drama, despite her exit from the series."

"Even more surprising, insiders reveal that Stassi may not be siding with her longtime bestie Katie Maloney, hinting at a possible rift as they are reportedly no longer friends."

"Blind item 'VPR friends to foes' hints at reunion drama, keeping one big secret: 'Katie and Stassi are done as friends.'"

Fans openly questioned the rumor's validity online, sparking a viral TikTok that served as Stassi's breaking point.

In a comment on the viral TikTok discussing the "unexpected" and "disappointing" blind item, Stassi stepped in to squash the speculation.

Stassi clarified that since she's "not on Vanderpump Rules," she's also "not on any team" because "that's not [her] life anymore."

She's on good terms with both Lala and Katie. Even if they're not as close lately, it doesn't erase their lifelong friendship.