Flaw found in Apple Vision Pro worth ₹3 lakh!

While giving information about this advanced Apple Vision Pro, Apple CEO Tim Cook had said that “the era of spatial computing has arrived” but within just a week of its launch some security flaws started appearing

Recently, Apple launched its new device Apple Vision Pro, which is an eye-wearing mixed reality headset with which you can enjoy shopping in Paris while sitting in the drawing room and You can also enjoy jungle safari while sitting at home. In simple language, this gives you a 3D experience in the entire surrounding space. Although it has not yet arrived in India, but in America its price is around Rs 3 lakh. But just after its launch, some security flaws started appearing.

Apple Vision Pro information

Apple Vision Pro also has a multi-touch interface with 600 specially designed apps, which you can access in the air without any big screen like Iron Man from the Marvel movie which looks very cool. With this, you will be able to do things like watching videos, making presentations, and browsing the internet in the air, just like ‘Tony Stark’ in the movie Iron Man accesses multiple screens in the air.

Along with this, you can also use the app by blinking your eyes. Its screen is so spectacular, which gives an experience like 2.30 crore pixels. Not only this but it also lets users bring all the features of their Mac to Vision Pro by which they can create a huge, personal, and portable 4K display out of the air and access it anytime and anywhere that Pro Ideal for workflow.

The battery provided with Apple Vision Pro gives a backup of 2 hours and if we talk about hardware, it has 12 cameras, 5 different sensors, and 6 microphones which makes it more advanced. Apple Vision Pro is not out in India yet but is priced in the USA starting at $3,499 (approximately ₹ 2,90,520) with 256GB storage. Apple Vision Pro was launched in the US early last week. Whose pre-orders started from January 19, 2024.

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While giving information about this advanced Apple Vision Pro, Apple CEO Tim Cook had said that “the era of spatial computing has arrived”. But within just a week of its launch, Joseph Ravichandran, an MIT Ph.D. student and expert in microarchitecture security, The device’s operating system VisionOS is claimed to have a critical flaw that could potentially lead to jailbreaking (Modifying to remove restrictions imposed by the manufacturer).

Flaws in Apple Vision Pro

Joseph Ravichandran recently shared his findings on After the glitch, the device goes into “perspective mode” and instructs users to remove the headset in preparation for a restart.

After this restart, Ravichandran also highlighted an emergency log which indicated a kernel crash. Additionally, he also showed a custom application called Vision Pro Crasher, which included a skull with a headset icon and a button labeled Crash My Vision Pro. Whenever new hardware like this is introduced to the market, security researchers are often eager to test it. Like jailbreaking the iPhone, Ravichandran’s move highlights potential security issues for the Vision Pro ecosystem.

Although Apple has a history of always trying to fix security flaws quickly, especially with high-profile products like the Vision Pro, this will be even faster. Ravichandran has also not confirmed whether he has presented his findings to Apple. However, the Apple Security Bounty Program may encourage such disclosures. The gradual rollout of Vision Pro allows for early adoption of the technology, reducing the likelihood of widespread disruption. Apart from this, Apple will definitely try to fix the flaw in the update quickly, reducing any risk.

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